Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sculpting tutorial

I want to share this cool video on sculpting with air dry clay. There are many ways to make a doll head, and this is one of them:

My friend Mary has so much great info in her blog, don't forget to pay her a visit:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Traveling doll from the BBQs

Lola arrived here with a lot of bling but no limbs.

She said she wanted to cha-cha and dance the night away, so she needed legs. Well, legs she got, and a nice pair of shoes in the same color as her dress, and a fancy fur stole.

I made the legs out of polymer clay, and painted the shoes with acrylics.  Now she is unstoppable! But I told her not to ever go to the "Copa Cavana"... just in case (Lola and Rico...?)

And as Lola was dancing and swinging, the next traveling doll got here. Moriah's doll arrived all dizzy and pale, poor thing. She said being shipped in a bumpy box at 107 weather was no fun:

Desperate to get out of the box:

Don't worry little doll, you will get a tan in California in no time!