Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here's my DoD paper doll!

This Paper Doll mini challenge is an early Day of the Day/Dia de los Muertos celebration ;o)

Here's the doll, free hand drawing on water color paper, then outlined in black. A Micron, Sharpie, or any waterproof pen can be used. I wanted a thick line, but a thin line could work too.
Give it a coat of matte medium, or collage glue to make it sturdy, use watered down acrylic paints to give it a soft effect like watercolors, cut, put together with tiny brads and add accessories.

If you want to, you can print this one on cards stock, and have the kids coat with collage glue, cut, put together and decorate!
Here she is after putting the brads in every joint:

This is the end results, looks all happy!