Friday, April 19, 2013

Tiny Team Traveling Doll update!

Oh I am so happy to report, my little doll arrived to Australia well and has been getting prettier. She has a name now: Dimi ♥

Wilma gave her an Australian look, I absolutely love the designs and colors! Look at Dimi sitting pretty on a clay pot by a garden: Her skirt is fantastic!

And guess who she met Down Under?? Lulu's doll was arriving to beautiful Australia right when my dolly was getting ready to go!
Hello dear friend!

Do you want to see more pictures? Visit Wilma'd blog HERE

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doll eyes

I personally like to buy my eyes, but I have done some myself in the past. Hard to guess the right size for me! It is still fun to experiment but in my case I end up making the doll's face according to the eyes I already made, not the other way around :oB

Anyway, here is a fun tutorial on how to make art doll eyes, by Granet. You need to click again in the image so it blows up to a large readable size.

Here is another different way, using clay and paint. very cute, click HERE

And a more simpler style by "the drunk gnome", also with clay, HERE

And last but not least, Misty Moon Creations shows how to make dolls eyes HERE

Hope you have fun experimenting with clay!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

He is a lucky man

My Gypsy Guy is in London having the time of his life... he is quite the ladies man, just look at him. Here he is with Xanthi's doll, don't they look cute?

And here, he is with Tracey's big boudoir doll, and his other traveling little friend. They look so tiny in comparison! :o)

In a few more days I will publish their transformation, and their fun trip to Spain!

Thank you Tracey-anne for letting me use your images!