Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awesome Saturday!

I had great awesome things waiting for me in the mail box... Guess who is back?? Luna!

Little green Luna came back home with lots of treasures and her journal full of mementos and her traveling story:
Here's with Victoria, who will be traveling back to Florida on Monday!

For those new readers that don't know who Luna is, click HERE to see the beginning of her travels, also HERE for more and HERE too. Thanks Jasmoon-Butterfly and DellaRae Dezines!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News about Luna

So, Luna finally arrived to the UK, right? After all the grounded planes, delayed shipping, volcanoes erupting and all that. Well she's been having fun with Victoria, just look at the pictures HERE in Tracey McCartney's blog! I love the golden moon Raedell made!

photo by Tracey McCartney

I already made Victoria's story, now all I have to do is wait for her to get here, and I'll make sure she gets some clothes on LoL Something nice, with a great color for a redhead. hmmm I am thinking green. Well, yes, I was thinking green with Luna too, scratch that.... Maybe dark blue.... or pale soft pink.... black and white polka dots....
What do you think? :o)

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Luna, the Magazine and a new Gourd

Where should I start this post...? Should I start by saying that my traveling doll Luna is in a magazine, (yaay!!) or should I say that I still haven't been able to find that magazine in town so I chewed up my nails to the quick? (Agghh!) :oP

I am not even going to mention that poor Luna is still swimming somewhere between FL and the UK, in the middle of the volcanic ash clouds from Iceland and all. I'll say a little prayer for her safe arrival, she's such a little thing after all.

As for the Gourd part of the post: Just listed one on etsy! It is Frida inspired. She is holding a pineapple and a calla lilli.

Tomorrow I will be hunting for the Doll Magazine!

*This is an old post, re-posted here from my other blog

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The day Luna ran

For the ADO "Traveling doll project" I made a paperclay doll, sculpted over aluminum foil, and painted with acrylics. She will travel to Florida to Raedell and then shipped to the UK to Tracey. After their hands are done creating and modifying her, she will come back to me.... I made a story for her:

The day Luna ran ....and ran

For centuries, every month on a full moon, there had been some little green figures that come to dance in the moonlight, giggling at their shadows, singing and stripping off layer after layer of their fanciful clothing as they get too warm from frolicking around. Their attire is made of nice petals, twigs and shimmery fabric delicate like bug wings.

One night in particular, they were so distracted romping and dancing, they didn’t see a human getting close until he trapped poor Luna, the youngest of them all, who was sitting on a rock. She had danced since dusk and was enjoying the full moon, thinking of climbing on sunflowers and catching rain drops.

The mean human stole her clothes; he took her crown away, her shoes and also her long shiny hair! He knew they liked to dress up and gather treasures and would do anything to keep their things.
With a very unpleasant voice he told them the only way he would give the stuff back, was if she could find him the best tea in the world... or something just as good. He was tired of boiling old dusty, dried California desert leaves. He threw every item he had stolen from her and tossed it far, far away into the East blowing wind... And stomped away.

Luna never was one to lose her temper, so she sat and closed her eyes to think. The little green people gathered around and decided to give Luna a nice bag to bring back whatever she could find and told her to run… to run East.

Luna ran and ran all through the continent, but only at night. She was a bit wary to travel without a single stitch on in all her green splendor and no hair on her head. Every time she could, she would sit and close her eyes, thinking of sunflowers and clouds, pretty dresses and flowing hair…
She kept running passing rivers, hills, valleys, rocky roads and swamps, until she arrived to Florida, where she found something special.

After a while she kept running until she clear ran out of land, so she swam and swam heading East as she was told,’ till she found land again on a big island next to the continent in the other side of the world. Which was a good thing since the water was a bit too chilly.

Will she get her possessions again? Will she be able to find her way home?
Follow her progress here, and also the adventures of Victoria and Selene, my team partners Art Dolls.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo of my doll

My traveling doll. She is about 4 inches tall, about 8 if she was standing up. I'll post the story separately.
See you soon! :O}

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Monday, January 4, 2010

New year. New dolls. New projects...

Are you enjoying your new year so far? I hope you are.
This past weekend we had the best weather ever, of ANY year we ever had around here. Sunny, blue skies, even a bit warm...
Not even last summer we saw bluer skies. I was in heaven!
Of course today was back to school for the kids and the fog came along LoL cold and humid Monday, but that's ok, it was a nice brake from Winter anyway!

I am currently working on my ADO Project for the Traveling Doll. I am a little nervous since I have not done it before, but it will be thrilling to see other dolls and get the chance to work on them. My doll will go to Florida, and then to the UK, then back home. How about that! I wonder if I can mail myself in the same box? ;o)

Go visit Tracey
And Dellarae
to see the progress of our traveling dolls.

I am also painting the heads I showed previously, the are looking good!

*This is an old post, re-posted here from my other blog