Saturday, March 23, 2013

Talking about photos

When I paint, I scan my art most of the time, or tape a direct and even picture of the canvas with nothing else in the image.
But when it comes to dolls, it is much better to find fun angles, props, good light, and almost like a painting, you have to find the right position in "thirds", meaning, divide in thirds with imaginary horizontal and vertical lines:

 ...And place your doll (or main object in the photo!) on the two thirds to left or right. For a composition, it is more pleasing to the eye and gives you more space to play with if you .
Just practice a lot, if you are like me that wants everything pictured right in the center :oD

And a different photo with props, and placing the doll on the third side, but I think there's too many things to distract the eye:

Cropping the image a little, makes the eye go to the doll easier:

Have fun practicing!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More photos!

For my traveling doll's mini team, I was thinking on how to add the hair, and how much to add to her....

I thought of giving her some tails but then I decided to just let it fall, and added tons of mohair! The above image is before I cured the clay torso.
I glued the mohair on the doll hair the same way I made the tutorial HERE

Linda is on her way to Australia now... we are starting Spring here, and She will be going to an end of summer weather, she will have fun!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well, some news!

I had already sent my doll from my team, I was settling down for my other artsy activities when I learned some people had to cancel their traveling team and left 2 doll makers pretty much team-less, and I had been thinking already I would love to be part of 2 teams, like last time.... so I offered to be part of their mini team, and here I am! yaay!
My mini team's members are Lulu's apple in California and Wilma in Australia!

Since things were already rolling I went to my box of unfinished projects and I found the perfect beginning for a cute little doll. You probably have seen her in the eye tutorial.
She has been sitting pretty with only half a head of hair and no body. So, to begin with, she needed a way to attach the head to a body and polymer (or paper clay!) is the solution for crazy problems like this one.

I made this funky looking body part aka torso, out of polymer clay this morning. Making sure the size was right and there was a way for the head to sit safely on it and that it had a way to attach to a cloth body, so it has 2 little holes front and back.

I named her Linda. Keep checking for updates to see her progress!