Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old post, Frida doll

*This post is from my other blog, in the original date 2009. I am still bringing old postings here and there, as I organize both blogs.(Oct 2011)

Now that the kids are back in school, I have been working on a personal crusade, to call it one way. I have the goal to finish all the projects I left half way done for one reason or another... and that includes my cloth dolls and mix media. One of them is a Frida Kahlo. Here's a picture of her, still bald. Her face is sculpted and painted. By now she has earrings, a zarape and shoelaces, but I took the picture before that. She will have mohair and ribbons on her head. I am very happy with her dress, I had not touched my sewing machine for a long time!:oD

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