Monday, January 4, 2010

New year. New dolls. New projects...

Are you enjoying your new year so far? I hope you are.
This past weekend we had the best weather ever, of ANY year we ever had around here. Sunny, blue skies, even a bit warm...
Not even last summer we saw bluer skies. I was in heaven!
Of course today was back to school for the kids and the fog came along LoL cold and humid Monday, but that's ok, it was a nice brake from Winter anyway!

I am currently working on my ADO Project for the Traveling Doll. I am a little nervous since I have not done it before, but it will be thrilling to see other dolls and get the chance to work on them. My doll will go to Florida, and then to the UK, then back home. How about that! I wonder if I can mail myself in the same box? ;o)

Go visit Tracey
And Dellarae
to see the progress of our traveling dolls.

I am also painting the heads I showed previously, the are looking good!

*This is an old post, re-posted here from my other blog

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