Friday, April 30, 2010

Luna, the Magazine and a new Gourd

Where should I start this post...? Should I start by saying that my traveling doll Luna is in a magazine, (yaay!!) or should I say that I still haven't been able to find that magazine in town so I chewed up my nails to the quick? (Agghh!) :oP

I am not even going to mention that poor Luna is still swimming somewhere between FL and the UK, in the middle of the volcanic ash clouds from Iceland and all. I'll say a little prayer for her safe arrival, she's such a little thing after all.

As for the Gourd part of the post: Just listed one on etsy! It is Frida inspired. She is holding a pineapple and a calla lilli.

Tomorrow I will be hunting for the Doll Magazine!

*This is an old post, re-posted here from my other blog

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