Thursday, June 2, 2011

June already!

I can't believe it is June already. The kids will be out for their summer vacation tomorrow. Raise your hands any mom that is ready for that?? LOL

This is a quick recapitulation of my traveling doll team Eager Eagles, from Jenna in Ohio, Jan in Texas and me in California:
Jan's doll as she arrived to my house

Keep reading more after the brake line!  
Jan's doll after I gave her clothes

Visiting with Jenna's doll

Tiny polymer baby I made for the doll

Jenna's doll with the crow mask I made

My blank doll ready to start traveling

Jenna's crow doll visiting with my doll Violetta
I loved this team so much, we had a blast, only that it ended too fast! :oS


  1. I love the traveling art dolls...they are all so sweet! I like your doll face before finishing the entire doll. Lovely details!

  2. They look amazing - I would have loved to have joined in this year.

    Thanks for visiting!


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