Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miss Rat and a tutorial

I finished more little things for Miss Rat. She now has a bib (in case she has an accident with her baby bottle), a big white bow,  and she has socks. I was seriously considering to make a puffy skirt, but it looked like too much already, so forget the puffy skirt. She will be ready to go back home to Barb after I take some more pictures.... I will miss her :o)

I also want to share this super cute tutorial on how to make a bunny hat:


  1. Thanks Audrey! Miss Rat will be ready to travel by tomorrow, unless my pictures don't work right hehehe

  2. Miss Rat is super cute.
    Where does the name Ayla come from... since you are a Martha? I'm too curious :O)

  3. Thanks Abi! I am guessing it came from the Basque area, although it also has a meaning in other languages as well


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