Friday, July 22, 2011

Reorganizing and listing goodies!

If you follow my other blog, you know that I'm listing all kinds of goodies after going through my artsy craftsie stuff. But in case you didn't know, well here I go! (✿◠‿◠) 

Check HERE for my auctions, starting at 99 cents. I'm listing soft baby fabric, Angelina film, premature diapers, polymer clay... feathers and glitter and yarn, oh my! (sorry, I couldn't help it...)
I wish I could list it on Etsy, but unless I have it in supplies? I don't think it would go there.

Anyway, I have been busy with that and trying to stay cool in this heat. I don't think I will make anything with polymer and the oven until the fall!

Oh! My adorable baby from the touring babies group arrived! He has so many cute things!! I have to take a picture with all his treasures to show you, we had so much fun! By now all the babies are coming home. Please visit their blog HERE and see how cute they turned out.

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