Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Come see the paper dolls!

The Dia de los Muertos ADO Challenge has had many pretty dolls, I want to show them here in my blog. There are still more to come, so keep an eye over here! :o)

Soury Alexandra

Anastasia Georgiu

Evelyn's Wonderland

Jenna Frei

Paula Brinkman

Rosanna Pereyra


  1. thank you very much!!!!it's very kind...^_^

  2. I am a PPF gal, but saw that you have a doll page. I make cloth dolls so, just looking. Love the dolls you make (all of them), they are funny, fashionable, beautiful, different, and unique. Blessings, Janet

  3. Thanks Janet!
    Thank you all!


Thank you so much for your commenst!