Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Verification words

I think the blog's number one enemy, is the "security words" which make a joke of security to the point of having the readers avoid commenting in any blog.
Yes, I despise the captcha! Xo]
It is blurry, fuzzy, sometimes hidden behind a box, and frankly, I have given up on trying...
It takes typically 2 times (if I'm lucky) to post my comment. Most of the time it is a bunch of times and by then the happy feeling is gone lol
I have turned mine OFF. If you want to make your readers a favor, and perhaps get more comments, click in THIS POST for instructions how to get rid of in blogspot. Other blogs have very similar setups.

Comic written by Larry Lambert, illustrated by Jerry King


  1. Love this cartoon... I hate captcha... Sometimes it takes me 5 times. And when reading on the iPad sometimes more than that.

  2. Great cartoon.
    I visited several people who had captcha on - tried a couple of times and failed.
    I'd forgotten how hard it is and it seems to have become worse.

    Thanks for bringing it up again!


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