Sunday, April 14, 2013

He is a lucky man

My Gypsy Guy is in London having the time of his life... he is quite the ladies man, just look at him. Here he is with Xanthi's doll, don't they look cute?

And here, he is with Tracey's big boudoir doll, and his other traveling little friend. They look so tiny in comparison! :o)

In a few more days I will publish their transformation, and their fun trip to Spain!

Thank you Tracey-anne for letting me use your images!


  1. how exciting!! Don't you wish you could travel along with them? :)

  2. It is so much fun, I am still excited lol. Anathon is quite the ladies man, definitely a gent - the UK female dolls here are going crazy over him, he was a little shy however as still awaiting trousers :)
    Love & light Trace xoxo


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