Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to add arms

This is an easy and fun tutorial on how to add arms to a doll.
My model is a fabric doll made by JasmoonButerfly
The arms are paperclay, but they can be polymer as well, just make sure you make some little holes when you are sculpting them.
 You need:
-A doll and her limbs with a perforation
-Beads a bit larger than the holes in the limbs.
-Strong thread.
-Large needle.

We start by getting a strong thread or floss. In this case I am using gold acrylic floss, and tiny beads in a color coordinated blue.

Insert needle from the back, pull out from the shoulder area.

Pick up the bead and and push the needle through the doll into the other shoulder. Make sure they are even: 

Pick up the other bead, push thread back ion the hole, and insert in the shoulder towards the back again.
Make a good knot and add a bit of glue.

Here she is, all dolled-up.

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  1. Oh, You have here already the hole doll world. These are wonderful. I want to make dolls, too, but how, when first I "must" paint 23 potrets :-D

  2. Wow! That was cool and simple. I will have to try that at some point. Thanks.


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