Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sleepy blog

Hey there! Just around the time of my last post here, my life had a major hiccup and things turned a bit terrible. The rest of the year was too stressing for me to sit and make a doll so I have been away of this little blog for months.

This new year I am planning to concentrate more on painting than dolls, so chances are I will not be posting often either, but if I come across a fun tutorial or something interesting doll related, I will link to it here.

Look on the past postings, I have a great collection of links of many doll makers and awesome doll stuff.

I have however,  some adorable tiny dolls listed in my Etsy shop (see left bar)
If you want to drop me a line go ahead, I read all the mail! :o)

Hasta la vista!

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