Friday, August 5, 2011

Dolly tragedy and a solution

So I finally sit to work on little Victoria (From Moriah and the Traveling Doll Project team BBQs) And as I picked her up, her leg popped off from the knee. Aaaghh!!! I was in shock! I immediately tried to find a solution and see what could cause such a thing. Also went to tell Moriah because I was so moritfied that I had such a thing hapening to her dolly...

Well, Poor Victoria was very brave. She listened to our options and we decided that we were not going to use more pipe cleaner, as that would need a bigger hole and glue and all sorts of things that would probably not look so good.
The other option was to make her some long boots and cover the mishap, but she said that she kind of like to move her knees, so we went to a third option, which was to drill a hole in a new location and add wire.

She was very concerned that her skirt was climbing up, and that a garage shop was not really a place for a doll. But I told her we were going to be quick, and my son helped us to drill with precision. The last thing we need is to drill on the wrong spot, right?

We all were quite stressed, but things went smoothly and rather quickly. We did both legs so they would match. Right now we are waiting for the paint to dry in her new stripey nylons, and her new make up. I will be posting more pictures shortly!

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  1. Yay! See? I knew it would be fine! I can't wait to see your next post!


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