Saturday, August 13, 2011

The twin dolls

Since I got carried away painting my doll for the Traveling Doll Project I decided that it was just fair to send two. And although they look nothing alike, they were to be twins. (Reminds me a bit of the mommy dearest story! LoL)   So well, those 2 have been traveling since February 2011 for my 5 other team mates to play with.  They are made of cloth and clay and this is how  their begins:

Zebulon and Caledonia

Zebulon and Caledonia are boy and girl twins. Since early in their lives people kept asking them if they were identical twins but they would explain that they were not, simply because one of them was a boy and the other a girl. But still every once in a while, somebody will ask if they were identical. Now they just make a funny face and say nothing.

They both love the Circus. Zebulon’s dream was to be a Star in a circus. But he’s a terrible juggler and he’s afraid of clowns. Caledonia just likes the fancy outfits and the pop corn. They wanted to work in the Circus so badly that they decided to be Panda Bear Trainers, but they could never find a Panda bear, and renting one was too expensive! Not to mention, bamboo is quite expensive these days.

So they changed their act into Cat Trainers. At first Zebulon wanted to juggle cats, but it was too painful and noisy.

Finally, they made an appointment to talk to the Circus Director. The day of the interview they brought their cat Tobias to show how good they could train a cat…. Unfortunately, Tobias took off running to catch a mouse, who turned out to be a very special Talking Mouse, star of the Talking Mouse Show… Thank goodness the little rodent only ended up with a big shock and a scuffed tail. Zebulon, Caledonia and cat were kicked out of the office especially after remarking how the mouse never even squeaked despite his talkative attributes. After that, no one would give them a job. They had to leave California with a tattered reputation. So they came up with a plan…

Zebulon and Caledonia would disguise themselves and start traveling through out the whole country. The plan was fantastic; they would change their looks a little bit at every town.
They could bring nothing since they were in a hurry, but Caledonia said she could not live without her green feather boa so she brought it along. (I think she just likes it because it makes Zebulon sneeze).

After shortening their names to Zeb and Calee, they just needed to mark some important destination points in a map. First stop: Texas! 
(Originally posted in February in my painting blog)


  1. ah- how fantastic! I can't wait to see how their journey went!!!

  2. They have been traveling a lot lately...


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