Monday, August 15, 2011

Zeb and Calee in Texas

 (Re-posted from TDP blog, text and pictures by Lezlei Ann Young)
Zeb and Calee Learn More about the Circus: They talked a lot about other famous circus people while visiting Lezlei in Texas. They learned about Daisy and Violet Hilton, famous circus twins from Texas whose life was documented in a movie.  They learned about Baby Sun, the youngest clown on record and some REALLY tall circus guys. They collected some souvenir “faux cabinet cards” of the performers they learned about in Texas. They talked about clowns – Lezlei loves them! She made Zeb a little clown nose to wear so he might be less afraid of them.

Zeb Decides to Become a Ringmaster: Zeb was most impressed by the famous ringmasters. They are in charge of the center ring and look very handsome and commanding as they directed the performances in center stage. Off-stage they were equally commanding with their waxed mustaches and impressive grooming.

Calee Trysts with the Trapeze: As usual, Calee was attracted to all the beautiful shiny costumes of some of the women in the circus. Lezlei told her about some women trapeze artists from Gainesville, Texas. Calee tried the trapeze, but decided that the wires were too high from the ground and no one would be able to see her beautiful costume. She kept the costume, but decided to look for another circus job closer to the ground.

About the changes in Texas: Zeb and Calee were created by Martha of Ayala Art. They arrived in Texas safely with their faces sculpted with Paper clay over a soft body and painted with acrylics. The pair had minimal detail in order to protect their identities as they had left California with somewhat “tarnished” reputations. They made some changes in Texas to change their looks as they began to build their new careers in the Circus. Calee really missed Tobias and wished he had come along on the trip.

 First Lezlei gave Zeb and Calee matching blue-green eyes and added a few shadows to Zeb’s face. Zeb learned of the very famous Ringling Brothers and noticed that they all had mustaches. So Zeb also received a mustache and a pair of stern eyebrows so he would look more like a ringmaster. Calee laughed at Zeb’s mustache. Since Lezlei had sewing experience from years of making clothing first for her dolls as a child, then for herself, she made Zeb a shirt and a little red jacket with tails like a real ringmaster.

Zeb told Calee, “We’re going to be famous!”

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  1. how fun!!!! I love their beautiful new eyes and the mustache is brilliant! I really love the artwork in their journal too :)


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