Monday, August 22, 2011

Victoria in California

Poor Victoria had a stressing trip to California. It was 107 out there and she was in a box. She needed some rest and took it easy for a while, in the air conditioning :o)

Later on when we both were ready, I went to work on her and to my dismay, her leg came off!

I thought about options on how to fix her and the solution was to drill both legs and give her new knees.

After that, the rest was fun! She has new make up, fun stripes on her legs and shoes. And the best of all, a black fur stole that she loves.

She is on her way to visit Lezlie in Texas, then go back home to tell Moriah all about her travels!


  1. Whoo hoo! She has legs again! :) She's marvelous! I can't wait to get her back.

  2. She was a trooper :o) Poor thing had to put up with so much, but she had fun at the end :o)


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