Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zeb and Calee in Florida

(Text and photos by Moriah Betterly from MLB Studios)

Zeb and Calee arrived on my doorstep and when I opened the box I was smitten.  Martha and Lezlei had done a fabulous job on these little cuties and I was dying to work on them.  However, they arrived when I had out of town family staying with me so I couldn't do anything with them for awhile.  Once I was able to work on them I decided to focus on Calee since Lezlei had done such a fabulous job with Zed.  Calee was looking a little bare so I stitched up a green tutu to match her fabulous green boa.

I decided she just had to have black and white striped leggings (because I love them so much myself) so I painted those on with acrylics.

Then I decided she needed some eyelashes and make-up.  After all, what circus performer doesn't have make-up?  I so wanted to keep adding stuff to her but I had to force myself to stop so the three people after me could work on her too.  :( 

The last thing I added as some nail polish on her fingers.

I was SOOOOOO tempted to keep these little cuties here with me but alas, I could not.  So, they have now left Dunedin, FL and are headed to OK where they will meet up with Shauna.  I will miss them!  Sniff sniff.

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  1. wowza! LOVE the makeup- and the tights are so perfect!!! Looking forward to seeing where they are next!!!


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